Our Story


At Dusty Dog Creations, we believe in creating new and amazing art out of something found in nature—wood that may otherwise be used for firewood or left to rot. All of our carvings, furniture, and wood products are made from trees salvaged from logged sites where stumps were left behind, or from trees taken down by storms or for safety reasons. We’ve also created pieces from driftwood salvaged from our nearby beaches. Every piece is unique—not just in what is carved, but also in the age, coloring, and grain of the wood. We’re proud to offer art that is repurposed from something found in nature and custom designed just for you.




In addition to items we may currently have in stock, we can work with you on a custom design using cedar we have on hand, or cedar or other types of tree stumps or logs on your property. We also have live edge cedar and maple slabs for creating one-of-a-kind furniture.

In creating a custom design, typically a picture or drawing is all that is needed. Please contact us for details. Thank you for visiting our site.